About us

Located at Mandikatar, near Big Mart, away from the hustling, bustling Ring Road, Rumi’s Bistro is very cosy and spacious. A perfect place for a short getaway to have tete-a-tete either with friends or family.

Named after the poet Rumi, this bistro tries to not only focus on the food and drinks but also wants to serve people an ambience they can not forget, a place where people forget about their work and tension. With its outdoor and indoor seating and elegant modern touch, Rumi’s Bistro is a quirky place one must not miss.

Why Choose Us

We make Belgian Fries with a special beer batter, which helps the fries to stay crunchy for a long time. The batter is a mixture of wheat flour and cornflour, beer, baking powder, salt, and pepper.

We import vegan meat from Butwal. It is made out of vegetable protein and quinoa